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I was all set to post some anti-Christmas song, but I read this morning that Vic Chesnutt is in a coma, possibly due to a suicide attempt.  So I have nothing to say now.

“Everything I Say” live

Update: It was announced by his label that Mr. Chesnutt died this afternoon, Dec. 25.  Our thoughts go to his family and friends.  Thank you for all of the wonderful music.

“Flirted With You All My Life” live from his last album “At the Cut”.

Update: If you would like to donate money to help with the health care costs that Mr. Chesnutt’s family was left with (somewhere around $50, 000), you can do so here.



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“Boilermaker”–Jesus Lizard

Sorry for the delay in posting, but I was finishing an album and doing a bunch of other stuff that involved making music rather than writing about it.  So, welcome back.  I’m skipping holiday tunes for now… might have one or two up sometime soon but we’ll see.

Anyhoo, here’s a song/album I’ve become obsessed with over the last few weeks.  Well, re-obsessed with.  I loved Liar by Jesus Lizard when it came out in the early 90s and have found it’s the perfect morning music for my unemployed mornings as of late.  I saw Jesus Lizard a few times and they were always amazing.  I did hear from an old girlfriend that she saw them and Yow started doing his penis contortions, which is when she left.  I never saw anything with his penis, but he definitely contorted, sweat, and threw his body around.  His vocal stylings were something like a person with a speech impediment who has their leg caught in a bear trap.  The music was tight and vicious.

Mostly, though, this song reminds me of drinking.  Not drinking, really, but lately I’ve been having some weird dreams.  I quit drinking in June.  To give you an idea of how much, sitting down and drinking a six pack in a couple of hours after work was neither hard for me to do or unusual.  I’m telling you this not to search for congratulations or to proselytize for Bill and his friends (because I’m not a joiner especially not when it comes to something with cult-like overtones, so, uh, I’m not Bill’s friend), but because, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve been having weird dreams since I quit.  Ones in which I get drunk.  Being the sort of head in the clouds person that I am, I sometimes can’t remember if it really happened or not (the drunkenness).  And I get kind of scared that maybe I actually did have another drink the night before.  This song denotes exactly how I feel on those mornings.  Not that I want to have a boilermaker, but I do feel a bit shaky.  Like having a hangover for about 10 seconds and then remembering that I don’t.



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