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RIP, Peter Quaife

I’m getting back to The Kinks soon, but was saddened last night to find out that Peter Quaife, original bassist for the band, had passed. Thanks for all the music and for being a wonderful human. We will always love that meandering bass line in “Wicked Annabella” among many others.



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summersummersummer mix (37 minutes)


Hey, yeah, I’ve been busy… still. And will be for the coming couple of months with a lot of playing shows, so here’s a little summer mix for you. It’s a lot of instrumental, West Coast sun pop, and African stuff, sure to help out in these early months of the sun.

“That’s Cool, That’s Trash” The Street Cleaners
“Untitled 7” The Frosted Ambassador
“Happy Go Lively” Laurie Johnson
“Sparkle Up” The High Llamas
“Never My Love” The Association
“Staring at the Sun” Lois
“Himno” Aziza Brahim
“Masenqo” Mulatu Astatke/The Heliocentrics
“Metronomic Underground” Stereolab

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