Halloween Mix 2010!

Halloween, 2010


Here’s a mix for your Halloween festivities or for just walking around looking at the changing leaves. I cut out a lot of metal on this one, so maybe I’ll have to do another one (or is that too easy?). I should also point out that this year’s mix was spiced up by the discovery of the album Okkulte Stimmen, a three-disc set of possessed voices, ghostly rappings, and one of my favorite recordings of glossolalia ever. Mashups, bits, and straight-up songs is what you’ve got here. Happy halloween everyone!

* “Voices from Possessed Children, January, 1978”
* “Halloween” Donald Rubinstein (from the Martin soundtrack)
* “Caleb Meyer” Gillian Welch
* “Paranormal Voice on the Answering Machine”
* “Willow’s Song” Magnet written by Paul Giovanni (The Wickerman soundtrack)
* “Graveyard” Leroy Bowman (partial)
* “Au Gre De Souffle, Le Son S’envole” Bernard Parmegiani (partial)
* “Zombie Warfare” Chrome (partial)
* “The Pursruck rappings, Germany, 1971” (throughout)
* “The Call of the First Aethyr, c.1920” Aleister Crowley
* “Bumps and Guys” US Saucer
* “Lonely Teardrops” Kali Bahlu
* “Casket Vignette” Bobbie Gentry
* Leroy Smith interviewed about recognizing Richard Speck
* “Dead Man’s Curve” (instrumental)
* “Glossolalia” Church in Oklahoma
* “Paranormal Voice on the Phone”
* “Love With Fun” Riz Ortolani (Cannibal Holocaust soundtrack, partial)
* “Operatic Voice on Radio” (partial)
* “Sinner” Freddie and the Hitchhikers
* “Electric Chair” Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
* “Mad Witch” Dave Gardner
* “Tuwin Shaman, 2006”
* “Bloodstains” Agent Orange
* “Undertaker” Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
* “Spooked” Big Spider’s Back



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