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Visions of Grant, pt. 2

Hüsker Dü–“Pink Turns to Blue”

As a teenager, I liked to play video games. Duh. I also liked to play video games without any sound and listen to music. Duh. Anyway, when my parents were around I listened to things that I thought my mom (because my dad, who worked nights, was usually asleep) would like. That meant R.E.M. instead of Slayer or Hüsker Dü instead of Corrosion of Conformity. Except my mom hated R.E.M. and Hüsker Dü. They gave her a headache apparently. To me it sounded like The Beatles or The Byrds. And kinda like Herman’s Hermits (they were melodic, you know).

One day mom came home from work and asked, “What is this you’re listening to?”

“Hüsker Dü,” I said.

“Oh, I wish you wouldn’t have told me that. I was liking it.”

(love ya, mom. thanks for putting up with me and my music.)


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