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Sexy Beast

Happy Halloween, everyone! For this year’s batch of Halloween songs the other human in this house, Melissa, has put together a YouTube playlist titled Sexy Beast and is full of werewolves, ladies, and werewolf ladies. Here’s one to get you started:

Have a great Halloween! We hope it’s your sexiest yet.

Sing a Simple Song


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Halloween Mix 2010!

Halloween, 2010


Here’s a mix for your Halloween festivities or for just walking around looking at the changing leaves. I cut out a lot of metal on this one, so maybe I’ll have to do another one (or is that too easy?). I should also point out that this year’s mix was spiced up by the discovery of the album Okkulte Stimmen, a three-disc set of possessed voices, ghostly rappings, and one of my favorite recordings of glossolalia ever. Mashups, bits, and straight-up songs is what you’ve got here. Happy halloween everyone!

* “Voices from Possessed Children, January, 1978”
* “Halloween” Donald Rubinstein (from the Martin soundtrack)
* “Caleb Meyer” Gillian Welch
* “Paranormal Voice on the Answering Machine”
* “Willow’s Song” Magnet written by Paul Giovanni (The Wickerman soundtrack)
* “Graveyard” Leroy Bowman (partial)
* “Au Gre De Souffle, Le Son S’envole” Bernard Parmegiani (partial)
* “Zombie Warfare” Chrome (partial)
* “The Pursruck rappings, Germany, 1971” (throughout)
* “The Call of the First Aethyr, c.1920” Aleister Crowley
* “Bumps and Guys” US Saucer
* “Lonely Teardrops” Kali Bahlu
* “Casket Vignette” Bobbie Gentry
* Leroy Smith interviewed about recognizing Richard Speck
* “Dead Man’s Curve” (instrumental)
* “Glossolalia” Church in Oklahoma
* “Paranormal Voice on the Phone”
* “Love With Fun” Riz Ortolani (Cannibal Holocaust soundtrack, partial)
* “Operatic Voice on Radio” (partial)
* “Sinner” Freddie and the Hitchhikers
* “Electric Chair” Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
* “Mad Witch” Dave Gardner
* “Tuwin Shaman, 2006”
* “Bloodstains” Agent Orange
* “Undertaker” Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
* “Spooked” Big Spider’s Back


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Skeleton Frolic

Oh man, with all that I’ve been busy with I hadn’t realized that it was Halloween time again. Hooray! So if you missed them last year, here’s a few mixes from last year while I work on something new. Also, here’s a great Ub Iwerks (who has one of the greatest names ever) cartoon called “Skeleton Frolic”:

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Halloween: “It’s All in Your Mind” Halloween Mix 2, 2009

Halloween Mix 2 for y’all.  This one’s less ethereal and has some of my fave soundtracks.  If something sounds distorted and weird, it’s probably on purpose.

Have a great holiday weekend.  Skin a child for Satan!

DOWNLOAD Halloween Mix 2

It’s All in Your Mind (Halloween Mix 2, 2009)

  • Invocation for the Judgement and Destruction of Rock Music—Elizabeth Claire Prophet
  • Alto Bungo Horns– East Africa: Witchcraft and Ritual Music
  • Lucifer Rising—Jimmy Page (partial)
  • End of Strawberry Fields Forever (loop)
  • Papa Papai—Mushroom Cermony of Mazatec Indians of Mexico
  • Bride of Frankenstein Main Theme—Franz Waxman
  • Mind Playing Tricks on Me—Geto Boys
  • Wicked Annabella—The Kinks
  • Strangers Die Every Day—The Butthole Surfers
  • Movement the Fourth (Lucifer Rising)—Bobby Beausoleil and the Freedom Orchestra
  • The Haunted House of Rock—Whodini (partial)
  • Rhapsody in Pink—Pere Ubu
  • Savage Rite (Cannibal Holocaust Soundtrack)—Riz Ortolani
  • Zombi (Dawn of the Dead Soundtrack)—Goblin
  • Emergence pt. 3—Basil Kirchin (partial)
  • Three Whale Trip—Sounds of the Humpback Whale (partial throughout)
  • Constant Elevation—Gravediggaz
  • Teetering Rock (2000 Maniacs Soundtrack)—Herschell Gordon Lewis
  • When the Sun Took a Day Off and the Moon Stood Still—Omid
  • Mining Villages—Swell Maps
  • Fraseggio Senza Struttura (Bird with the Crystal Plumage Soundtrack)—Ennio Morricone
  • Herbert’s Song (Fearless Vampire Killers Soundtrack)—Krzystof Komeda
  • The Gonk (End Theme)—Dawn of the Dead Sountrack



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Halloween: “Not What They Seem” Halloween Mix 1, 2009

So, as usual lately, I didn’t get around to doing what I wanted to do with Halloween music, so here’s one of probably a couple of mixes that I’ve done.

Here’s a snippet of mix 1.  It’s a mashup/mix of Scientist and Creedence. It’ll give you a taste of what’s in store (they’re not all mashups, I swear).

I’ll write about the mixes soon, probably when they’re finished (if at all; I’m hoping to get to it).  If a song is familiar, but sounds a little strange, it’s on purpose.

I’m putting the actual mix up on sendspace.  If it runs out and you can’t download it, let me know.

Hope you like it.  There’s a playlist included in the download and copied below.  It’s an mp3, 128kbps, 55:34.  Download.

Not What They Seem (Halloween Mix 1, 2009)

  • Banshee Love Call (partial and loop throughout)—Music for Monsters
  • One of Us Is Dead—The Earlies
  • The Big Delicious imitates R2D2 (loop throughout)
  • Ngoma Ra Mrongo (snippet throughout)—East Africa: Witchcraft and Ritual Music
  • Danse Kalinda ba Doom—Dr. John
  • Bomber Pilot WW II—Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
  • Endless Sleep—Jody Reynolds (loop)
  • The Omen Suite—Jerry Goldsmith (loop)
  • Tar Baby—Moonshake
  • Cockatiel field recording (loop throughout)
  • Seagull field recording (loop throughout)
  • Hide the Knives—John S. Hall and Kraemer
  • The Wizard—Black Sabbath
  • Dance of the Vampires—Scientist (mashup w/)
  • Walk on the Water—Creedence Clearwater Revival (mashup)
  • The Brightest Face—Mike Seed
  • Poltergeist Main Theme—Jerry Goldsmith
  • Sighs—Goblin
  • Ghost—Jeff Mangum [live at jittery joe’s version]
  • Requiem for Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Two Mixed Choruses—Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Internationale Musikinstitut Darmstardt, Sudwesfunk Orchestra
  • Last Kind Words—Geechie Wiley
  • Season of the Witch—Donovan
  • Trip to Your Heart—Sly and the Family Stone

As always, if you play or own the rights of a song here and you feel that using it is wrong, please let me know and we’ll take it down.


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Halloween: Buddy Morrow and His Orchestra

“The Raven”–Buddy Morrow and His Orchestra

Buddy Morrow’s a trombone player and band leader (currently leading the Tommy Dorsey Band), used to play on the Tonight Show, and had his own orchestra for RCA Victor in the 50s and 60s.  In 1960, the band did the album Poe for Moderns, which is where the above gem comes from.  The album is a mix of Lamberts, Hendricks, and Ross-type vocal play, hep cat poetry, and swing jazz.  I bought this album from a guy who just had boxes of records and junk sitting in a storage unit in Manhattan, KS–that’s the little apple, folks–it was really hard to figure out what days he was going to be there.

“The Raven” is one of my fave songs of the season and, in my humble opinion, even better than L, H, and R’s own entry into the holiday’s music, but it could be just that the source material is better.  Plus, Morrow does an amazing job of creating the tension of the original poem, even with the laid-back groove the singers (the Skip-Jacks) bring.

As a special bonus, here’s a complete rip of the album.  It’s a little rough in spots, but I’ve cleaned it up as much as possible.

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Halloween: Teen Spirit pt. 2

Keeping on with the seasonal music, here’s the second part of Teen Spirit… coincidentally it’s also the second part of the halloween treats.  Honestly, I’ve been sick all week and it turned into a sore throat and stuffed ears (along with all the other great things that can be called “flu-like symptoms”), so there’s not going to be much in the way of explanation for these.  Sorry.  Back to it next time.

“Haunted House”
–Jumpin’ Gene Simmons

–The Otherside

Two tracks titled “Haunted House” (there’s actually quite a few, strangely, and a Whodini track will show up here at some point I’m sure with the term in the title), one by Jumpin’ Gene Simmons–no tongue–and another by an 80s neo-psych band called The Otherside–not the LA 60s band.

“Season of the Witch”–Donovan

–BONUS: Lou Rawls sings “Season of the Witch” not so well…

Despite his dippyness (or even his epistles to dippyness or even zippy even), we like Donovan a lot.  Mainly this is here to give me an excuse to post the Lou Rawls version.

“Night of the Vampire”–the Moontrekkers

“Out of Limits”–The Marketts

Two tracks produced by freako Joe Meek.  A halloween job himself, Meek bent the studio of the 60s and brought about an instrumental fad in the pop charts.

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