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Only Time Will Tell

Kindertrauma is hands down one of the greatest horror blogs running right now. Entertaining, hilarious, and dealing with all things wonderful about horror movies, sing a simple song is pleased to have Aunt John from the blog write a bit about his experience with Asia.

“Only Time Will Tell” –Asia

When I think back to the year that was 1982, a few key events come to mind: cable TV and the spoils of HBO and MTV had finally made its way to my suburban, po-dunk neighborhood; E.T. went home, and I had entered the fifth grade (aka the senior class) of my elementary school.

When classes began in September, we were greeted with two new additions to the grade school faculty: a new art teacher with haunting silver-blue eyes and a new music teacher with a home perm, definitely an Ogilvie, and oversized glasses that would make Charles Nelson Reilly say, “Damn!” The new music teacher was unlike anything we had encountered in previous years; she was cultured (every week she would tell us about her most recent trip to New York City) and she had little regard for the tired song book of choral arrangements utilized by her predecessor who went on indefinite maternity leave after getting knocked up by a fourth grade teacher.

Looking back, the most awesome thing about the new music teacher, aside from her tales of the Big Apple, was that she was a die-hard fan of the then prog-rock supergroup ASIA and she decided that it would be a fantastic idea for us to kick off the annual chorus presentation with a rousing rendition of, well as rousing as pre-pubescent voices can intone, “Only Time Will Tell.”

In preparation for the concert, we sang the shit out of that epic tune of infidelity, and the music teacher played her little upright piano like we were performing at Madison Square Garden.

I can’t imagine what our parents really thought when they finally heard us perform it. My mom said, “It was nice,” but she did comment that she liked it better when we sang “Both Sides Now” the year before.

Every now and then I catch this ASIA song at the local pharmacy when I am waiting for a prescription to be filled and I think back to the fifth grade. To you, my frizzy-haired music teacher, I will forever sing this simple song.



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