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Crosspost mix!

For those who read this blog, but may not read the official blog of The Harvey Girls (the band my wife and I comprise) called $10 guitar, I posted a long lost mix that was asked for by Ian Manire of Musicophilia but never quite made it (not his fault).

Anyhoo, it’s called “Night Time = Right Time“. Enjoy it. More stuff soon.



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Halloween: “Not What They Seem” Halloween Mix 1, 2009

So, as usual lately, I didn’t get around to doing what I wanted to do with Halloween music, so here’s one of probably a couple of mixes that I’ve done.

Here’s a snippet of mix 1.  It’s a mashup/mix of Scientist and Creedence. It’ll give you a taste of what’s in store (they’re not all mashups, I swear).

I’ll write about the mixes soon, probably when they’re finished (if at all; I’m hoping to get to it).  If a song is familiar, but sounds a little strange, it’s on purpose.

I’m putting the actual mix up on sendspace.  If it runs out and you can’t download it, let me know.

Hope you like it.  There’s a playlist included in the download and copied below.  It’s an mp3, 128kbps, 55:34.  Download.

Not What They Seem (Halloween Mix 1, 2009)

  • Banshee Love Call (partial and loop throughout)—Music for Monsters
  • One of Us Is Dead—The Earlies
  • The Big Delicious imitates R2D2 (loop throughout)
  • Ngoma Ra Mrongo (snippet throughout)—East Africa: Witchcraft and Ritual Music
  • Danse Kalinda ba Doom—Dr. John
  • Bomber Pilot WW II—Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
  • Endless Sleep—Jody Reynolds (loop)
  • The Omen Suite—Jerry Goldsmith (loop)
  • Tar Baby—Moonshake
  • Cockatiel field recording (loop throughout)
  • Seagull field recording (loop throughout)
  • Hide the Knives—John S. Hall and Kraemer
  • The Wizard—Black Sabbath
  • Dance of the Vampires—Scientist (mashup w/)
  • Walk on the Water—Creedence Clearwater Revival (mashup)
  • The Brightest Face—Mike Seed
  • Poltergeist Main Theme—Jerry Goldsmith
  • Sighs—Goblin
  • Ghost—Jeff Mangum [live at jittery joe’s version]
  • Requiem for Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Two Mixed Choruses—Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Internationale Musikinstitut Darmstardt, Sudwesfunk Orchestra
  • Last Kind Words—Geechie Wiley
  • Season of the Witch—Donovan
  • Trip to Your Heart—Sly and the Family Stone

As always, if you play or own the rights of a song here and you feel that using it is wrong, please let me know and we’ll take it down.


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